Over the years I have examined the tiny house scene and when I find a service, idea or resource that I feel is lacking and would be helpful to the tiny and small house community, I get to work putting a solution into place. Here is a list of website properties that I actively manage, all of which I hope are helpful to you.

Tiny House Listings

A marketplace that connects buyers, sellers and renters of tiny houses 0-500 square feet in size. You can browse tiny houses for sale and also post tiny houses for sale or rent.


Tiny House Swoon

The most beautiful tiny house photos. 1000+ tiny houses have been featured on the site!


Tiny House Parking

Browse or list tiny house parking wanted and available listings. Find a place to park, or someone to park on your available property.


Tiny House Vacations

100s of tiny and small houses available for you to stay in short-term throughout the world.


Small House Swoon

The most beautiful photos of small houses featured around the globe.


Tiny House FAQs

An information website that attempts to answer the most commonly-asked questions about tiny house living.


Tiny House Gear

The best tiny house products prepared and categorized for you.

Tiny House Gear