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  1. 5.0

    Craftsmanship is awesome! All floors and doors were handmade. NO lumber from a hardware store. All hand hewn. The walls have been insulated with a unique “green” feature. Recycled denim! Everything built to code and with the environment in mind. It is built on post and beam which is beautifully placed without disturbing the sacred indian grounds on the Madrona Point Peninsula of Orcas Island.

  2. 3.0

    The kitchen is in the main area, beyond the futon. The photographs show the farm sink, open shelving, storage behind the futon, compact refrigerator drawers (to right of sink) and a forthcoming compact stove (probably right of the sink).

    The small lower area, as stated holds the washer and dryer, and you could put in a full refrigerator.

    Pictures of the view would be nice!

    While in wishful thinking mode, “Let’s see; grab some books, handmade quilts, watercolour paints, and get a kayak.”

  3. 5.0

    Amazing craftsmanship. You can walk to several beaches and all shopping! There is a small bonus room under the main house where the washer and dryer is located. The cabin has a compact stainless steel fridge and the owner is adding a compact stove soon. The cabin has Beautiful views!

  4. 3.0

    And where’s the kitchen? All the information was great, but you didn’t show the downstairs at all, and there’s no indication in the pictures or your blurb about where you could prepare food, or even put a fridge. $440k should at least buy a fridge/freezer and a two burner stove.

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