Small Home Listings has a very simple and straightforward goal.

“To be the web’s central marketplace for the buying, selling and renting of small homes.”

With over 6 years of experience in connecting buyers, selling and renters of tiny houses, I have long recognized the need of a marketplace that caters to people looking to downsize their current home into something moreso around 500-1,000 square feet. This is exactly the crowd (perhaps you?) that Small Home Listings caters to.

I’ll keep this short and sweet for everyone so you get to searching, posting and (hopefully) sharing. Here’s the most important parts of the site.

Post a listing – If you have a small house sized 500-1,000 square feet for sale or rent, you can post it here.

Search Listings – If you’d like to search small homes on the site, you can do that here.

Browse Listings – If you’d like to scroll through the pages of small homes currently available on the site, you can do that here.

Thanks for checking out the site and thanks for your support! Please contact me if you have ideas on how to make the site better or just wanna say hi.


  1. Hi Steven. Great idea for a website and some very nice listings. Note that I tried to sign up to receive new listings pushed to me via email but for some reason the pop up wouldn’t accept any email address. Is this feature not working yet?

  2. I love this, I like tiny homes but most are just too small, about 750 sf would be great. Now if we can just get some listings in the south and near the beach.

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